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Model No.:MDBT42Q-ATM
* Loaded with Raytac's AT command firmware, UART interface in central/master role for data bridge.
* Worked with MDBT42Q-AT / MDBT42Q-PAT (peripheral/slave role)
* nRF52832 solution, chip antenna.
* A recommended 3rd-party module by Nordic Semiconductor.
* Modular approval by FCC, IC, Telec, KC, SRRC, NCC & CE RED Compliant.
* BT5 & BT4.2 Bluetooth Specification Certified
* Dimension: 10 x 16 x 2.2 mm
* 32 GPIO
* RoHS & REACH Compliant.
  • 1. Raytac's MDBT42Q-ATM & MDBT42Q-PATM is a BT5 and BT4.2 stack (Bluetooth low energy or BLE) module designed based on Nordic nRF52832 SoC solution
    2. UART interface in only Central/Master role for data bridge.
    3. Compact size (L) 16 x (W) 10 x (H) 2.2 mm. 
    4. Pre-Certified Module:  FCC / IC / CE / Telec / KC / SRRC / NCC 
    5. Pre-Certified Region: USA / Canada / EU / Japan / Korea / China / Taiwan 

    Please view MDBT42Q-AT & MDBT42Q-PAT for UART interface in Periphearl/Slave role.
  • List of supported commands
    • Setting of scanned device name
    • Setting of scanned base UUID/service UUID/TX character/RX character
    • Setting of scanned RSSI threshold
    • Choose data rate of 1M bps or 2M bps on-air
    • Set TX output power in 5 levels.
    • Set scanning time
    • Enable/disable scanning
    • Set LED pattern indicating scanning or connecting status
    • 7 sets of UART baud rates
    • Enable/disable UART flow control
    • Power-down mode for power saving and GPIO wake-up
    • Support DC-to-DC and LDO power mode
    • Use internal or external 32.768KHz oscillator
    • Recover-to-default setting with hardware and software method
    • System reset of hardware and software
    • Set serial number and retrieve
    • Retrieve MAC Address
    • Retrieve ADC value for battery detection
    • Support maximum MTU 247bytes / data payload up to maximum 244 bytes
    • Enable/Disable Beacon information printed out through UART interface (31 bytes beacon)
    • Support scan Beacon company ID/UUID (31 bytes beacon)
  • Specification:                                                                                    
    MDBT42Q-ATM & MDBT42Q-PATM Spec (Ver.A)

    Design Guide: including footprint for Protel, Eagle and Altium Designer, 2D/3D drawing, reflow graph, and recommended spec for external 32.768KHz
    MDBT42Q & MDBT42Q-P Footprint_Design Guide (181015)

    RoHS & REACH Report:
    2018 RoHS & REACH Report for MDBT42Q & MDBT42Q-P

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    (Raytac's MDBT42Q-ATM / MDBT42Q-PATM module is a qualified Nordic 3rd Party Bluetooth low energy module, please go following website for more detailed information.)